What should I do when I have a Claim?

To lodge your claim with Coronation Insurance PLC, please visit www.coronationinsurance.com.ng. Kindly notify us of your claim by clicking on the Claim Section, fill your claims details, policy number, estimate of repairs and click submit. Alternatively, you can send a notification mail to Retailclaims@coronationinsurance.com.ng

What claims are covered by Comprehensive Coverage?

Your comprehensive insurance covers accidental damage as a result of vehicle collision as well as your liability to other cars involved. Loss resulting from fire, theft and vandalism are also covered. This is subject to your policy exclusions, terms and conditions.

Am I covered for breakdown or Accidental Damage?

Your policy does not cover natural damage, loss of use or maintenance/servicing cost. Your comprehensive motor insurance policy covers loss or damage which must be as a result of an accident. If your car is immobilized as a result of an accident, Coronation Insurance is liable for a towing cost up to a limit of N10,000.00.

Do I have to file a Police Report after an accident?

You will likely need to file a police report if more than one vehicle is involved and in a case of bodily injury or death as it’s a regulatory requirement. This is in order to have proof of exactly what the accident entailed and the scope of any injuries.

Do I have to pay for a third party claim myself when I am at fault?

You do not have to settle your third party immediately a claim occurs as Coronation Insurance will inspect and adjust your third party’s claim. In the event where you have to pay out of pocket, it must be proven that such payment was made to prevent further loss, e.g. in a case where emergency medical attention is needed or where the amount involved is minimal and reasonable. This is subject to your evidence of settlement, documentary proof e.g. pictures of the accident scene, third-party excess and any other surcharges.

What is a Policy Excess?

A Policy excess is a condition of your policy that states the part/portion of loss to be borne by you in the event of every claim. You are required to pay a contribution towards your claim up to an agreed amount which is stated in your policy.

Why am I charged for Betterment?

In line with the principle of Indemnity and as contained in the Section 1(2) of our comprehensive motor policy, wear and tear is an exclusion under the insurance cover granted. In order to bring you back to your pre-accident state and when an improved/better part is replaced with a damaged part which has gone through depreciation, betterment is usually charged.

Why is my net liability less than the estimate of repairs submitted?

This is because the submitted estimate of repairs is usually adjusted in line with the current market price/market survey, negotiations with workshops and making further deductions where applicable e.g. Excess, betterment, Penalties