When will I get the credit?

You will get the credit when your policy renews; it will apply to your first payment. Any additional credit you receive will be applied to the next payment. For new policies that qualify, it will apply to your next renewal. If you have received your renewal notice and do not see the discount yet, we have not forgotten about you, this will be applied when you renew. We are working hard to apply the discount to every policy that qualifies. We appreciate your patience.

What if I'm driving less?

We know that the policies put in place by the Federal Government of Nigeria have reduced driving, and we are passing these savings on to our comprehensive private motor insurance customers.

What if my policy was renewed prior to March 30, 2020?

You won't miss out. The credit will be applied to your next renewal which should fall within the Wapic Giveback time period.

What if my policy renewed since March 30, 2020, and I have already made a payment?

Thank you for being a loyal Wapic customer! If you paid in full, a premium refund will be issued for the difference in your next renewal.

If I'm paying in full, why am I getting a refund?

We are working hard to apply the credit to every policy that qualifies. If you have already paid your renewal premium in full, or paid in full for a new Wapic policy, when the credit is applied, you will receive a premium refund due at your next renewal. We appreciate your patience.

I'm an essential worker and still driving. Will I still get the discount?

Absolutely! We're in this together, and we thank you for all you're doing. We know some people are still driving but we're giving the premium refund to every eligible customer.

Why don't I see The Wapic Giveback on my policy that has renewed since March 30, 2020?

Our top priority is to help our customers. We are working on updates to our systems to apply the credit. Once the systems are updated, The Wapic premium refund will be applied to your next policy renewal

How much is the credit?

The credit will be computed based on your contract for the unused period of the covid-19 lockdown restriction.

How will I get the credit?

You don't need to do anything. It will be automatically applied at your next renewal

Can you credit my policy now?

The Wapic Giveback will give you a premium refund on your total 6-month or 12-month premium for the period of the lockdown when your policy renews.

Are you going to increase my rates to offset this?

No. Rates are determined by many factors and in no way would we ever increase our rates due to offering a policy benefit. We are in this together and The Wapic Giveback offers premium refund for the period of the lockdown to our customers.

Which policy types does The Wapic Giveback apply to?

The Wapic Giveback applies to Wapic Comprehensive Private Motor Policies.

Will I get the credit if I have a 12-month policy?

Yes. Eligible customers who have 12-month policies will receive the credit at their next renewal. The credit will be applied as those policies come up for renewal between March 30, 2020 and March 29, 2021, in addition to, new 12-month policies purchased with an effective date between March 30, 2020 to the end of the lockdown.

What do you mean by renewal?

For example, you may have policy with a 1-year term. At the end of the 1-year period, the policy may be renewed to provide continuous coverage.

Will I be able to see this on my bill?


How can I get the credit sooner?

Please reach out to our contact center so that we can better understand your unique requirements our insurance professionals are available to complete a policy review.

Why is The Wapic Giveback program not specified on my new policy?

For new customers, welcome to the Wapic family. The great news is that you will automatically get the premium refund at your next renewal payment. You do not need to take any further action

What if I chose not to renew my policy or cancel my recently purchased policy?

If you choose not to renew your policy or cancel your recently purchased policy as of the policy effective date, The Wapic Giveback will not apply.

Why are you refunding me?

People are driving significantly less than before the lockdown, and this has led to a fall in the number of claims we are experiencing. As a socially responsible organization, we believe that this is the right thing to do for our loyal customers. We recognize the economic impact that the shutdown has had, and this is our attempt to alleviate the burdens our customers may be facing.

How will I get the money?

All Comprehensive Private Motor customers will get the premium refund if their policies are active between 30th March and 3rd May 2020.

Am I eligible for the refund?

All Comprehensive Private Motor customers will get the premium refund as long as your cover is active on 30 March 2020

Will I get a refund for all the vehicles on my policy?

Yes – a premium refund for the period of the lockdown will be made for each comprehensive private motor on cover with us between 30th March and 3rd May 2020.

Am I still eligible if I still need to use my car?

Yes - the refund has been calculated based on the lower driving frequency we have observed, so all policyholders are eligible, including those who still need their vehicle.

I cancelled my policy before 30th March 2020 – will I still get the premium?

You'll get the refund if your policy was still active at any point on 30 March 2020. You won't get the refund if your policy was cancelled or ended before this date.

If I cancel my policy after 30th March 2020 but before the refund is issued, will I still get the full refund amount?

Yes - providing you have insurance on 30 March 2020, you'll get the refund when you renew the policy.

I have a Householder or Combined policy. Will I get a refund for my householder insurance?

The refund only applies to Comprehensive Private Motor customers due to the reduction in motor claims we're seeing. Our Householder policies aren't impacted, e.g. if you have a Combined policy with one car and one home, you'll get a premium refund for the car only.

I have motor insurance 'add-ons' included on my policy, are these refunded separately?

No – the refund per vehicle includes add-ons such as excess buy back or flood Cover.

My renewal is due soon - do I have to renew with you to get the refund?

Yes – As the premium refund will only apply when you renew your policy with us.

Can you take the refund off my renewal offer?

Yes. As this is being applied at your policy renewal.

If the lockdown continues past May, will I get a further refund?

The premium refund is subject to the period of the lockdown only. It is too soon to say when the lockdown will end, but we intend to apply this for the total period of the lock down. Wapic has always been committed to doing the right thing for its customers and we do not intend to benefit from reduced driving due to the lockdown.

Will this refund impact my price in the future?

No. This refund will not directly impact your future price

If I have made a claim, do I still get a refund?

Yes, all customers with active comprehensive private motor insurance between 30th March and 4th May 2020 will get a refund. It does not matter if you have made a claim. However, if you made a claim during the period of the lock down, you would not get a refund

I have recently cancelled my Direct Debit mandate; will I still get the refund?

Yes, you will get a premium refund at your next renewal with us.

I'm a Direct Debit customer and the first installment is yet to be taken; how will you refund me?

If your policy is active and the renewal payment is done during the period of the lockdown, you will get the refund premium at your next installment payment after the lockdown.

Along with this refund, what else have you done to help the country during the crisis?

Besides the premium refund offered to motor insurance customers, Wapic has made financial contributions to the Federal Government Covid-19 response efforts, as well as various state governments.
Coronation Insurance is also offering 15% discount on new policies to all health workers in the country to cushion the effects of the financial hardship associated with Covid-19 pandemic. This rebate to health workers covers Personal Accident, Householder Insurance as well as Motor Insurance.
Wapic is also one of the Insurance companies that have collectively arranged for free Group Life Insurance cover for Government health workers in Nigeria.
Coronation Insurance is committed to rolling out further socially responsible and humanitarian initiatives via its underwriting products and services during these challenging times.